It Worked!

Thanks so much for joining me in this class.

I’m so excited to teach it. I love this stuff, and I really want to make this whole experience way cooler than you’re expecting.

Now – let’s talk preparation.

I’m going to send you an email with a short video (and some instructions) every weekday.

It’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you actually get the emails about this stuff!

The typical “from” address is

You’ll want to “whitelist” that so it doesn’t get lost.

You should also “whitelist” anything from too.

(It would be embarrassing if we couldn’t reach you and the culprit was that dang promotions folder).

Here’s a youtube video that shows you how to whitelist emails …done by someone with a pretty hilarious voice.


(Seriously. There’s no way the guy talks like that inn real life. I’m personally going to START talking like that though and see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.)


P.S. If you need anything, the “central hub” for support is